Punjab & Kashmir Weather     
Punjab and Kashmir Weather
Next 24 Hour's Weather Mainly dry weather is expected in most parts of the region, however rain-thunderstorm is expected at isolated places in D.G.Khan, Layyah, Kashmir and adjoining hilly areas.

Punjab AJK
Minimum Temperatures print
 28th February 2017
Kamra °C
Islamabad Ap °C
Murree °C
Rawalakot °C
Mangla °C
Islamabad City 09.0°C
Mianwali °C
Sargodha City °C
Sargodha P A F °C
Mandi Bahuddin °C
Jhelum °C
Sialkot Ap 10.8°C
Sialkot City °C
Faisalabad °C
Noor Pur Thal °C
Chakwal °C
Joharabad °C
Jhang °C
T T Singh °C
Gujrat °C
Lahore City °C
Lahore A/p 11.7°C
Gujranwala °C
Okara °C
D G Khan °C
Bhakkar °C
Karor (layyah) °C
Shorkot °C
Multan 12.8°C
Kot Addu °C
Bahawalnagar °C
Kasur °C
Sahiwal °C
Bahawalpur °C
B Pur A/p °C
R Y Khan °C
Khanpur °C
Muzaffarabad °C
Garhi Dopatta °C
Kotli °C
Rainfall @ 0800 PST print
28th February 2017
Sialkot Ap Trace
Multan Trace
Maximum Temperatures print
 27th February 2017
Kamra 26.5°C
Islamabad Ap °C
Murree 16.3°C
Rawalakot 19.0°C
Mangla 28.2°C
Islamabad City 26.5°C
Mianwali 27.5°C
Sargodha City 31.0°C
Sargodha P A F 29.0°C
Mandi Bahuddin 29.5°C
Jhelum 29.5°C
Sialkot Ap 26.6°C
Sialkot City 27.2°C
Faisalabad 28.3°C
Noor Pur Thal 32.0°C
Chakwal 24.6°C
Joharabad 29.5°C
Jhang 29.4°C
T T Singh 29.2°C
Gujrat 28.0°C
Lahore City 28.7°C
Lahore A/p 29.0°C
Gujranwala 27.2°C
Okara 29.8°C
D G Khan 28.1°C
Bhakkar 30.5°C
Karor (layyah) 27.5°C
Shorkot 29.5°C
Multan 28.3°C
Kot Addu 28.3°C
Bahawalnagar 29.0°C
Kasur 29.0°C
Sahiwal 28.5°C
Bahawalpur 28.7°C
B Pur A/p 30.3°C
R Y Khan 30.2°C
Khanpur 30.5°C
Muzaffarabad 25.4°C
Garhi Dopatta 26.4°C
Kotli 27.5°C
No Warning
Last 24 Hour's Weather Weather remained dry in Kashmir and all districts of the Punjab province.
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