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Types of available Meteorological data are as under

  • Rainfall (mm): 03 hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Heavy Spells in 24Hrs etc.
  • Temperature {C): Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Maximum & Minimum, Extreme Values etc.
  • Relative Humidity (%): Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Surface Wind speed and directions (knots); Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Sunshine Hours: Hourly, daily
  • Station Level/ Mean Sea Level Pressure (hpa) :Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Amount and types of clouds observed (oktas): Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Various Weather phenomenon such as, visibility, occurrence of Thunderstorm etc
  • Weather Reports on specific weather phenomenon such as heavy rainfall, storm etc
  • Windrose diagrams for selected stations.
  • Upper-air data (Vertical Profile of the atmosphere) for selected stations
  • Agro-meteorological data, such as soil temperature, evapo-transpiration etc., for selected stations.
  • Radiation data
  • Climate Normals of different parameters (30 years): based on 1931-1960, 1961-1990 and 1971-2000 and 1981-2010 data.
  • Daily normals (1981-2010) of temperature and rainfall
  • Apart from the above data, there are various other data parameters that can be provided to the individuals according to their demands/requirements:
  • Hourly data is only available after 2008.

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