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  • The Senior Meteorologist is the overall in-charge of the office.
  • Sr. Met. Coordinates and supervises the entire aeronautical forecasting work going on at the Met office round the clock.
  • He is responsible to Director R.M.C for organizational and procedural aspects of the forecasting work.
  • He attends to the meteorological requirements for flights carrying VVIP, exercises administrative control on the proper functioning of the shifts, their discipline and conduct.
  • He maintains liaison with the airline and the aeronautical service units (Control tower, Pre-Flight) at the airport and with other departments for officially running the aeronautical and warning services and proper and proper functioning of aeronautical as well as Synoptic Met. Communication.
  • As the officer in-charge of the forecasting office, he is personally responsible for the analysis of the synoptic charts and is given complete discretion in drawing inferences for such analysis although he should profit by suggestions or advice offered by the Director R.M.C.
  • He authorizes the AMF to pass on the information related to specific weather phenomena to Electronic or Print Media, Like TV/Press/Radio. No other officer/ Staff member is authorized to address or give interview to the news media unless authorized by the Senior Meteorologist.
  • The Senior Meteorologist ensures that the analysis of all the charts is completed as a routine.
  • The Sr. Met. Is responsible for the proper overall conduct of technical and administrative work under his charge;
  • The Sr. Met. Is responsible for the attendance, discipline, welfare and training of staff, the general maintenance, security, preventability and tidiness of his office;
  • As an in-charge he may frame rules and procedures and take all necessary steps to meet special circumstances and requirement and issue necessary instructions or orders to subordinate officials.
  • Any other duty / assignment given by the seniors.

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