Muhammad Aleem ul Hassan Ramay Director RMC, Lahore

Mr. Ramay after completing master degree in Physics, started his career with Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) from Weather Central & Main Analysis Centre (WC&MAC) of PMD as Meteorological Assistant in July 2000 and did Plotting, Tabulation and Analysis of different types of weather data and charts. Soon after, he was selected as Assistant Meteorologist and posted at Jinnah International Airport, where he got experience of Issuance of different type of Aviation Weather Forecasts, Briefing to Pilots and Issuance Regional Weather Forecast for Sindh and Balochistan Provinces of Pakistan. The same duties were performed at Multan International Airport as well for two years. There was more refinement in his career when he was posted at headquarters office of PMD at National Weather Forecasting Centre (NWFC), Islamabad and get involved in the Flood Forecasting & Early Warning System (FFWS) for Lai Nullah Basin by working with Japanese Experts of FFWS. He was trained in diverse fields, like Basic Hydrology, Flood Forecasting and on conducting the awareness campaign of the project among masses. Before joining NWFC, he already had completed WMO Class II and class III professional courses. This expertise helped him to earn good repute in national level weather forecasting. During posting at NWFC he used to issue different types of Weather Forecasts for Print & Electronic Media, Aviators, and Farmers & for General Public, diagnostic Study of different types of Weather Systems and Research in Meteorology/Hydrology and to issue the flood forecast for Lai Nullah basin. During Feb.2010 he was selected as Deputy Director/Senior Meteorologist and also started assisting Director NWFC in looking after the administration matters of the four units of NWFC directorate along with his routine job of weather forecasting. He also have diverse experience to deal with extreme weather events, to issue severe weather warnings and to monitor closely the active weather systems for short and medium range weather forecasts. He also used to brief the print and electronic media. During 2011, he prepared a documentary for flood disaster risk management for the cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad). It was also a part of the flood awareness campaign in Rawalpindi city. In October 2011, he went for one year master course in Disaster Risk Management with specialization in Flood Disasters and joined back my same office and duties in September 2012. He was also selected on merit for ministry of foreign affairs and commerce (MOFCOM) scholarship and completed Masters in Meteorology degree from NUIST China in 2017. During this study he performed the “Spatio-Temporal Analysis and variability of rainfall in Pakistan during 1979-2015”. He has keen interest in global weather especially the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.  He created face book page of PMD and interact with public on the issues related to department and weather forecasts. Live and recorded weather briefings are also a part of his career. He also has the expertise of using different data handling tools (GRADs, ArcMap, ArcGIS, MATLAB etc.). He has completed different short courses relating to profession from well reputed local and international organizations/institutes. Mostly these are relating to Weather, Climate, Water, Environment and Disaster related disciplines. He has also been a reviewer of Pakistan Journal of Meteorology (PJOM) for the papers relating to Meteorology, Hydrology and Natural Disasters.