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Sections /Wings

RMC Lahore has many sections/wings which work for the smooth and efficient working in the public interest.

01. Admin Section (AS):-

          This section is under the supervision of Admin officer (AO) and its sub-sections are as under:-

·       Establishment section

·       Personal file section

·       Pension and GPF section

·       Cash & work section

·       Budget section

·       Central registry section


02. Observatory Section (OS):-

           There are 44 observational stations working under this section. The function of this section is as under:-

·       Maintenance & control of observatories

·       Establishment of non-departmental observatories

·       Opening, closing and shifting of observatories

·       Calibration of Met. Instruments

·        Calibration of Met. Instruments of other departments i.e PAF, KAPCO, FKPCL etc.

·       Qibla direction

·       Inspection of observatories

·       Training of observers

03. Climate /CDPC Section:-

          This section is responsible to maintain/ check the Met data. This section is further divided in to the following sub-sections:-

·       General branch

·       Surface branch

·       Upper air branch

·       Library and publication branch

·       Drawing branch

04. MCC/Maintenance section:-

·    This section is responsible foe collection of Met data from various observing stations of Punjab and    Kashmir.

·    To ensure the removal of technical faults in the installed equipments

·    To repair/maintain the electrical and electronic equipments.

·    To upgrade all the equipments

05. Store and supply section:-

·    This section is responsible for stocking and issuance of all Met instruments, forms, charts, stationary items.

·    Maintenance of store accounts and various stock registers.

06. Coordination section:-

·    The function of this section is to coordinate the work of all sections at RMC and sub offices.

07. Seismic section:-

·    This section is responsible of recording the earth quakes

·    To issue monthly bulletins

08. Drought section:-

·    This section is responsible for collection of rainfall data on daily/monthly basis at tehsil level.

09. Computer section:-

·    This section is responsible for generation/updation of RMC website and analysis of Met data.




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